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Clash of Clans II

This is my second Clash of Clans post. I’ll be keeping you updated. Now, my Town Hall is level 4, my town is completely walled in by level 1 walls, and I have a new Air Defense. I’m gonna upgrade on of my Gold Storages to level 5. :)

Crossy Road

I like Crossy Road. There. I said it. It’s actually a really fun game. You’re a [insert character] on a mission to cross roads and get coins in doing so. Once you have multiple characters [I’m talking 7-10], it gets a lot more fun. You can get up to 95 on iOS. SPOILER! The secret characters are: the makers, Andy Sum, Ben Weatherall, and Matt Hall. Then there’s the rest: Cai Shen, Michael Boom, none other than Hipster Whale himself, Drop Bear, Crab, and Gifty [basically just a walking X-Mas present]. BA BYE!

My favorite is the Fluffy Sheep. Can you find it?

My favorite is the Fluffy Sheep. Can you find it?


A Cathedral is a place where anyone could pray. It’s way bigger than a church. But you can only pray for the king or religion of your home state. Not many towns had a Cathedral, so people from miles around came to a Cathedral to pray. It’s a really good way to get people to come to your town.

Colonization..FOR IOS?

Whats up guys,ImaPuppy here and I just want to tell you guys that I’ve downloaded a brand new game on the Iphone (Probably most Apple devices) called: “Revolution World of Colonies vs England” It is where you build a colony for either side you want..soo..check it out i guess!

Soccer Training

Me and Mr.Hollywood are both playing soccer but I thought he wasn’t that good so i am going to start making him better the same thing with SkydoesMinecraft.


P.S if you want to be better at soccer ask me to help you at recess.

Jetpack Joyride!

Loving the madness!

Loving the madness!

Who plays Jetpack Joyride? I do! It’s so fun! You literally go on a jetpack joyride. But, you can enhance your run with gadgets, clothing, and jetpacks! My clothes are the Fragger Helmet and Fragger Fatigues. My gadgets are Flash [which are visible] and the Flying Pig. My jetpack is the Fruit Jetpack. I have completed all the missions. Please post level, clothes, gadgets, and jetpack. I’m going to Maine tomorrow and will be absent on Friday. Bye!


Spring Fest

I am going to the Spring fest which is a celebration for spring It is between The recess yard and Seton park
it starts at 5:00 and ends and 8:00 pm its today I am mostly going to be on a bouncy castle or spray painting my hair im going to be hanging out with harrypotter Awesomeguy505 and Skydoesminecraft its tonight and Comment if your coming. Me and harrypotter are going to get are hair the colors of the rangers blue white and red.

Bighorn Sheep

I like bighorn sheep. Why? Because they LIKE to fight. And you know how they fight. Bashing into each other hard. Really hard. Why they like to fight is because during breeding season, [this is of most animals] they fight for mates. One bighorn comes up to another, challenging him by whacking him in the guts, checking if he’s got skills. If the recipient accepts, they bash heads as shown: Now, that could go on for days. They could both die of severe head trauma. But, their heads are built to bash. Their horns have a one-inch layer of flexible keratin so that their horns don’t break during battle. And, their skulls are six inches thick, protecting their tiny brains. They might sound lame, but they’re not. Far from it. Just ask Krios. He’s the Titan lord of the South. He wears a fearsome ram helmet. So, yeah. SHEEP!



The Aztecs

After reading a book about them, I now really like the Aztecs. They were an amazing tribe of Native Americans who ruled almost all of southern Mexico. They had a really interesting culture. Their capital city, Tenochtitlan, started as a few huts on a rock in the middle of Lake Texcoco, but grew to become a bustling metropolis. Connected to the mainland using big bridges known as causeways, Tenochtitlan was the place to be. It was the NYC of the 1500s. But since Spanish conquistadors under Hernan Cortes did what they did and conquered the Aztecs and built Mexico City on the site of Tenochtitlan, we have a slim chance of finding much Aztec treasure. [AAAARRGH, SPANISH PEOPLE!]

A map of the Aztec empire.

A map of the Aztec empire.