I climb trees like a boss.

Hey, do you guys know the song Animals? Me and Lucky7 think it’s awesome. Also, what are you guys’ favorite animals? Mine is the African Pygmy Mouse because it’s tiny and it does almost everything fast. Trust me, I’ve seen one at the zoo in the Mouse House. The thing looked like it had GALLONS of Coke. It was hilarious.

Lilly and Her Hard Homework

One day Lilly came home from school with a truck load of homework. When Lilly got home from school she started her homework right away. She stared reading her book because she had to summarize the book in front of the whole class. When she was done with book she wrote down what the book was about. She wrote that there are two rivals in the book and the’er fighting for a pair of diamond earrings. She also had to classify the diifferent household plants and make a report about it. Then she did math she had to find out if blank was divisible by blank. Last she was given a story to read and she had to write down a question that would make the book easir to understand. When she was done she just lay down on her bed a took a nap.

Video games

Whats up guys it’s me imapuppy and today i’m here to ask you whats your favorite video game mine is the attack on titan tribute game so thats all I got to ask and stay awesome guys :D!

(P.S i did not mean to rip off your post if i did)


Happy Veterans Day !!!!!!

Hey guys it’s peace101 and I want to know who celebrates Veterans Day. I know I do because my grandpa was in the Marine corps he fought in the Korean war. The marines would fight air,land and sea, but my grandpa fought land. I am glad he is alive because the war was harsh. 130604-M-MM982-036