Welcome To Fourth Grade!!!

Hello 4th graders! I am a former student and I just wanted to welcome everyone to 4th grade. If you don’t know already, next year you will be in the annex and preparing for 6th grade(the grade that I’m in). This is your last real year of elementary school, even though you still have one year. So have fun but still do your work! P.S: If you need any tips please comment.

my new school

Hi everyone in New York I am in California and this is my second week at my new school and we already had 4 tests. I already made a lot of friends for PE we run a mile and play football I really like my new school because it is a little more hard than PS24 and guess what i made the honers program yay.

My Awesome Summer

This summer I went to theater camp. We performed Aladdin Jr. and a cabaret. Then later in the summer my cousin, aunt, and uncle came to New York with my grandparents. About a week later my cousin, aunt, and uncle left. My grandparents are still staying with us. Anyway, I can’t believe school starts in 2 days!

P.S. Do you guys know what class you’re in for fifth grade?

-Oreo88 ;)


Hi guys,
Hope you guys are having the best summer ever cause I HAD a good summer, First I went to a sleep away camp for the first time and the name was Camp Danbee and it was the best they had woodcraft jewelry and they even had there own LAKE and I went tubing and water skiing (I went on the rope,so fun) I also went sailing,canoeing,kayaking and fishing I caught this HUGE AND I MEAN HUGE fish on the first day and it had red gills. We also had this thing called “Leagues” which is basically color war. There were 2 teams Americans and nationals and Americans won (WOOHOO) then since it was the last day we went to the lake and did wish boats it’s when you take a hexagonish small boat and put a candle in it then you would go to a torch and light the candle and let it float on the lake then we would have this thing where we sat on the bleachers near the lake and the director would say some words then he would give the mic to the oldest girls in the camp since it was there last year (there called the Wel-B-Yon) and they would say some words then we would go back to our bunks. The next day we woke up really early (4:00 AM) to say bye to the Florida girls then at 8 everyone else would wake up and we would just get dressed take our carry ons eat breakfast and leave when I got home at 8:00 PM MissingNo. Came over for a play date. The next day I went to my summer house in the Hamptons and I’m still there now hope to see you at school and I’ll see you in the next post.P.S my grandma and her dog came to my summer house I’ll show her and all the other pictures in the comments. PPS we also did this thing at camp called the polar bear it’s when you jump in the lake in the morning and it’s really fun.

basicly my whole summer vacation

Hope you guys have been on for past few days or else you would not see this post!!! Guess what,those of you that knew that I was going to seattle it was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! And a couple of months after that my cousins from Florida came for 2 weeks.And my family and their family drove to Canada and stayed there for 2 days.and then after 1 week and 5 days they left.back to florida they go.after they left we didn’t really have any thing left to do so we kept just going to beaches and pools.

…see you all next year.bye


If any of you guys are wondering why my title is called chains it’s because I have the whole series and I want to read it to you online so please comment if you want me to finish up chains for you and even read the next book, also please comment where we left off because I can’t remember because I red chains and the next book Thanks!

Gliding in the house

Hi it’s me cool girl in Dominican republic. my cousin picked up me  and my mom  for we can go to  my moms old house. In the house there was nothing to do so i played on my phone. Then my friends came in th  g of soap and but it on the floor. we were sliding and i was going to the bathroom to get a brush but when i got up i fell on my butt now my butt hearts when i jump. PS right me comments.

Learning how to Surf

A few days ago I went to Gilgo beach , Its in Ocean Pkwy, Babylon.  I went with 2 friends that took us there. They chose this beach because its waves are wild!! So when we got there our friend showed us how to surf. It was pretty rough at first but then I got better at it. After that we tried body surfing, since the waves were so big they nearly covered me!!! In my opinion body surfing is better then surfing with a board because ,with a board you have to hold on tight and balance which is kind of harder than you think . And body surfing is easier because you go through the waves or ride with them.This was REALLY FUN experience for me, even if i flipped with board 10 times :) !! Oh and PLEASE comment and say how your summer is going, it would be nice to know what you have been learning or doing!!!

Thanks , love Hera :)

To : Mr.dembowski

Hi its Hera , and I wanted to know if you will ever post the page that we were on for Chains? I am asking because I bought the book and I forgot the page we were on.

So can you please post the page.

Thanks :)

Maine! ❤️

Hi guys I’m in Maine and I’m having so much fun! I was here since Wednesday! I’ll tell you what I did. So since I’m in Maine the seafood is out standing, I ate steamed clams, mussels, fried and baked haddock, the claws of a lobster and much more. I also took long walks with my aunt and uncle on the marginal way the view of the sea was awesome! The third thing I did was go to the beach the weather was perfect so the water was a perfect cold temp and now I’m going again to the beach today!!!! But the last thing I did was see the fireworks at Ogunquit bay the fireworks were beautiful but the best thing was I got front row seats! So that’s what I did in Maine so far can you tell me what you did so far? Thanks! Galastic fire :D

the weirdest summer ever #5

Ha ha! I brought my baby brothers swim and go fish Allie said between laugh’s. Before she could say anything  else I splashed her in the face with the ocean water. oops I said and snickered. Then she splashed me and said whops did I do that. Then we swam back to the beach house splashing each other. When we got back it smelled like horse poop so I thought Allie’s parents were back. We walked up the stairs to change into pajamas and watch T.V. then I saw a white puppy that looked suspouisly like my dog rainbow I whispered rainbow the dog barked and jumped up on my lap this was my dog but why was she here? Hey girl I whispered to my puppy I got rainbow a few weeks ago for a good report card. Then Allie sucked in her breath.

to be continued…

To Mr. Dembowski: Scratch Question

Mr. Dembowski, I am making a Scratch game called “Pop the Balloons!!!” and I have a background called “gameover”. Also, I made a variable called “timer”. In backgrounds, I made a script that said “When 1 key pressed, if “timer=0, switch to background “gameover”. And whenever I press 1, and the timer goes to 0, it doesn’t switch to the “gameover” background. Do you know why?


P.S. Have a great summer!

the weirdest summer ever #4

MOM DAD! Allie yelled for about the tenth time. I think we should look around for a note. Allie and I found the note in our room in the beach house it read.

Allie and Arianna,

we left the house to look for a horse back riding place so we can ride horses tomorrow be back soon. p.s. be careful and dinners in the fridge.

I got Allie a blanket because she was cold from swimming. I got my own blanket and started a movie Allie and I got bored so we talked about her wipeout. Allie said that she was trying to swim  but she got tired and flailed her because she was trying to get my attention. when the movie was over it was about 6:30 so we decided to try surfing again. Allie was better at standing up on the board. Then she yelled Arianna there was a big fish and it was swimming strait at us.


to be continued…

the weirdest summer ever #3

AHH! I dived in to the icy black water to find Allie but I couldn’t see her anywhere. The currents where smacking me around so I decided to come back up. I took a deep breath and dived back in to the black water. Then I saw Allie her eyes where slightly open and she was flailing her arms all over the place. I quickly swam to Allie even though the currents  were trying to stop me. I swam her up to the shore she opened her eyes and gasped. She asked if I got the surf boards so we could try again later. I told her that I had the surf boards and we should try again tomorrow. I decided we should watch a movie but when we got inside the house it was totally deserted.

to be continued…

the weirdeist summer ever #2

Allie and I got into her parents car just before the honking stopped I blushed. I felt very self conscious when we got into the car. I noticed everyone besides me and Allie’s dad were wearing dresses. I was wearing my favorite jeans with the holes in the knees and my pow! comic book shirt. Allie had on a red floral dress and yellow sandals. Allie started talking about this puppy that she saw on T.V. that could sing. Then we yabbered on until we got to the beach house. The beach house was so big and it was so close to the shore. Allie asked if I had brought my surf board I said yes. Allie asked if I could teach her how to surf. 10 minuits later…

We walked into the cold water, Allie had bought her self a surf board. Since I promised to help her surf I said first you need to paddle so lie down on the board and paddle with your arms. when Allie was good at paddling I tried to teach her how to stand up on the board but when she tried to stand up she wobbled and fell into the water.

to be continued…


The weirdest summer ever #1

Bye mom and dad I yelled as the bus took me away. I am going to spend the summer at my friend Allie’s beach house. I am really nervous because Allie and I just met this year and her parents are rich and mine are average and she is always offering to buy me things which I feel makes are friendship more out of balance. I also miss my mom and my dad but I will see them in four weeks. I pressed the stop button on the bus at 81 street where the lohtons (Allies family) are supposed to meet me. Then someone yelled hey Are! I turned to see Allie with a huge grin on her face I couldn’t help grinning myself. Then she burst out laughing saying you should have seen your face. Then her parents honked the horn inpatinently so she opened the car door and we were on our way.


To be continued …


Loser Diaries

Today is the worst day ever! Every day is bad but today is the worst of all days! It started started when Patty Nickelson called me a loser at 8:09. Then Sally Longsticks Pushed me at 10:11. After that at 1:38  I over heard Layla  Willdy  say to her friends I was the new loser in school. Finally the day was over I ran to my best friend Ally Tessman. She just saw the look on my face and knew I had a idea. Lets prank the mean kids…..

Oh My Gosh

I can’t believe this my last day at the main building of P.S.2.4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe in only a few hours I WILL BE A 5TH GRADER!!!!!!!!!! I don’t mean to worry anyone but our report cards totally depend on our future in 5th grade!!!!!! Before we know it we will be in college. Like my mom says ” time flies”.

The Slave Diaries: Part 1

Life is not getting any better. Master Mildred is having a meeting today, and he wants ME to cook the food. I barely even know how to cook. But I tried to. I kneaded the dough and baked it to make bread. I sliced the turkey and chopped the lettuce. Then I made sandwiches. I poured wine into glasses. I brought the meals to Master Mildred along with the wine. He said, “Bring it to the table. Then sweep the floors, wash the windows, and clean the kitchen.” I curtseyed, then took a broom and worked for what felt like 100 years. I thought about my family, who were sold to other couples to work as slaves. It made me very sad. I must go to bed now or the Mildreds will be furious.


Phyrus Yuplieonara

Every jackpot-addict feared him. Every psycologist fears him. The Government of Leptairus declared him a national threat. Who was this man? An assassin? A killer? A savage? The truth is far from it. He is a genius in all areas, the first of his kind. And many hoped he would be the last.

Chapter 1

Phyrus was laboring hard on his new invention. After 2 days of work, non-stop, without eating or drinking, Phyrus felt as if his stomach did not exist. Yet he was so close. He would not allow himself to be distracted by his everlasting hunger. Then a wire sparked. He had invented an electric spear.

For reasons such as these, many people feared him. He could make inventions as easy as pie.

His wife, Aphrodite (no, not the goddess Aphrodite, but just as beautiful) called him to dinner.

Once he had reached the table, Aphrodite served him some Egg Souffle. Aphrodite asked her husband a question that had been nagging her for several days. “What were you doing up there, locked in your room?”

Phyrus responded “I was making an electric spear.” Aphrodite said “Phew! I thought you were in secret kissing another girl”. Phyrus replied to this, bewildered “Why would I ever do that!? You know I am a loyal husband, unlike most other men!” Aphrodite said “Still. 2 days!.” Phyrus sighed, saying “I know, I know.”

Chapter 2

“Bye, Aphrodite! I’m going to gamble!” said Phyrus.

So Phyrus went to gamble. There, he used his incredible mind to beat even the machines. He got  $1,000,000 and left the gambling company near bankrupt.

That is another of his secrets. He can do almost anything.