The Safari

This summer I went to Africa for a safari and i saw all different ecosystems and I saw a lion kill there prey it was pretty disgusting. Before i went on the safari i went to a seperate room and learned all about ecology. Before we got on the safari we had two choices to go on the $75.99 safari or the $70.56 safari my parents tried to determine which safari we should go on. We decided to go on the $70.56 safari. I really liked the safari and my favorite part was interacting with the animals.

What the…Sting ray!

Once i was with my family at spring lake  at the beach. Me and my sister went in the water and we rode the waves. Then we rolled in the sand and found a crab and some shells. Then we ate clam chowder at the restaurant a mile away from the beach. The sun was setting and we went in the water one last time. we rode the waves and then suddenly my sister screamed! I swam as fast as i could to the bay and my sister splashing behind. I thought it was a shark so i started shouting to my father. when we came onto the beach our parents were scared that something happened. Then my sister told me she saw a fish that looked like a pancake. It was a sting ray. Later i googled a picture of a sting ray and i was so scared!We went there again but i went in only a little.

*A talking Field trip.

Marissa:Ecology? What?Are we studying collage? Lena: No dumbo! Ecology is the study of how organisms react to there surroundings and other organisms. Kayla: I always knew that! Lena: How come you didn’t determine what it was? Kayla: Umm not sure… Teacher: We are going to a field trip! Marissa: ugh I’m too tired! Lena: yes!!! Kayla: The way you both  interact is different! Teacher: we are going to a eco system. After the trip. Lena: I loved the beautiful eco system! Marissa: The view was pretty! Kayla: I loved when the snake ate the cricket! Lena and Marissa: Eww! Teacher: At least Kayla learned the cricket is a snakes prey! Kayla: Yeah that too… Lena and Marissa: Kayla!

The big animal fight

Once there was a group of animals called the wild. Their enemies where called the savanna. They  where fighting for their pray when the pray ran away! Then a wiled chase began. But they interacted a little to excited and they where trampling each other so 1 of the wild died! The rest of the wild where determined to figure out who killed him So they took a sample of the d.n.a from the fur and the thing is the savanna is a ecosystem on the west side of Africa. So all of there d.n.a matched! At the end nobody killed him. So they became 1 ecosystem. the end.

The ecology labs

The ecology labs are pretty interesting”. Said the reporter. “We’ve been trying to determine how a rat will interact with a life form of a different species”. Said the ecologist. “Do they live in a similar ecosystem”? Asked the reporter. “No”. Answered the ecologist. “We’re thinking if we put the rat and the other life form in the same cage,one of them will claim the other as its prey”. Said the ecologist. “Wow”!  Said the reporter. “Email me when you figure it out”!  Said the reporter.

The end


MM: What are some of your favorite ecosystems? Jeffery?

J: My favorite ecosystem is my couch. I’ve adapted quite well to it. So well that I would rather be there than here.

(Sniggers come from surrounding students.)

MM: Mm-hmm. Walter?

W: Mine is the freshwater marsh. I’m a big fan of kingfishers. I just really like the ecology there.

J: Uhh, not nerdy things AGAIN!

MM: I believe you’ve set the record for detentions in this school, Jeffery. Detention.

J: (Muttering) I believe you’ve set the record for being annoying. I mean, seriously! He preys on Joy! Won’t even interact with Hilariousness!

MM: -And that is how you determine which rocks are bismath and ruby. Jeffery? Would you mind sharing to us which is ruby and which is bismath?

J: Sure. I DON’T KNOW!!!



In order to have a good family you should interact with each other at lest once every year or you might become just a memory. You also need to determine what kind of ecosystem is family friendly. If you want your family to stay at your house you should try to have a nice neat house, and you have to make money to do that so you could become ecologist, and study ecology. You should also play games with one another me and my family play a game where someone pretends to be a lion and you go into it’s cave and it’s kind of like you are the lions prey. If you put that all together you should have a good family.

Terraria question.

Hey, guys? MinecraftMastermind? Lucky7? Imapuppy? Do any of you guys know how to get adamantite ore? I think I might. In version 1.2, smash 3 demon alters with a Pwnhammer and it’ll spawn. About the Pwnhammer, it’s always dropped by the Wall of Flesh.


Video for class

Imapuppy here and Im working on a few new videos just for you guys and some of them are coming out today also one of the videos will be on our new topic about shorrakappock and the people that lived here 400 years ago.So the name of my channel is in the comments so Stay awesome guys!!! -internet high-five-

who watches The Flash

Hey guys I’ve been wondering who watches the TV show the Flash it is about this guy who tries to find other people who have powers like him. He has the power of super speed and he has found other people with cool powers but the don’t use there powers for good.

Favorite Song

A lot of people have been posting about favorite songs so i decided to make a post. I have a lot of favorite songs but some are old.List your favorites below ⋎⬇︎⥥


  1. Animals-Maroon 5
  2. Demons-Imagine Dragons
  3. Selfie
  4. Maps-Maroon 5 (again) ⬇︎
  5. jungle- x ambassadors

The trip to the museum

On are trip to the museum i observed a lot  of things like wampum beads bows and animals I think lived on are map 100 years ago.I learned wampum beads are made out of a seashell.A bow and arrow  is made out of wood a piece of string (sometimes) and the wood is from trees a oak tree is one.And i also got too see a DNA test lab MinecraftMastermine’s Grandpa told us about different things  and species and how people said to freeze them when they die and they might come back to life. the animals i thought might’ve lived on are map is a Biston and a  Type of duck i forgot the name.Thats of what i observed on the trip to the museum :D