Persuasive Ad Homework

I think Geico advertisements are persuasive because they are entertaining and they have a little bit of comedy with it.Another reason i think the advertisements were persuasive is that they have two main animals who do the persuasive stuff for an example the pig always shows Geico is the quickest way and people.Another Persuasive advertisement is the Lunchable smoothie kabobbles because its a bunny and platypus playing a game of ping pong and they are fighting over the score if its 20-14 or 19-14.


Hey! You know how we’re playing instruments? Well, I’m pretty good at the saxophone, and the type of music it’s known for is jazz. Some people like Charlie (Bird) Parker and John (Dizzy) Gillespie were interested in another type of music. They called it bebop. It was the fastest jazz ever played. I mean, Bird played 100 times faster than anyone truly humane, and Dizzy matched that speed. There was this one concert where Bird, Gillespie, and a few other greats played together at Massey Hall. But Bird was performing illegally. He was not supposed to be at that concert. His record company he worked for would have sued him. But any jazz fan with sense knows that oh, he should have. To learn more about Bird, go to the music section of the library, search up Ken Burns Jazz, and enjoy the show. Also look for The Quintet :Jazz at Massey Hall Live.

Who Would Win?

Who would win in a fight, Percy Jackson (from the Famous Rick Riordan series Percy jackson and the series Heroes of Olympus.) or Harry Potter (from the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling) I think it would be a draw Because Harry has magic spells that can kill Percy Jackson with one hit, but Percy jackson has alot of Combat skills and can make water do what he wants.  But who do you think would win?


By the way i wrote this because Percy jackson and Harry Potter are the main characters of my two favorite book series