House or Building?

Hi people it is peace101 and I would like to know who lives in a house or building. I live in a house. It’s awesome because I have a backyard and a deck. But the annoying part is there are only three bedrooms so I have to share a room with my sister DUN-DUN-DUN.

This is my house!

This is my house!

The lame ways I’ve gotten hurt…

So I’ve got hurt in some pretty dumb ways and I wanted to share them with you guys……So here they are: My dog walked over to me and bit me for nothing,I hit my leg on the couch trying to climb over it (don’t ask why), My back smacked into the heater in the back of the living room of my house, I got a random splinter, I was playing on my laptop and it fell on my face, I was holding a puzzle ball thing and I dropped it on my face, I fell face-first onto the dirt and there is a lot more things that have happened…So


What are all your favorite countries? Mine is Belgium, because I’ve read a lot about it, and it sounds AMAZING. Did you know that there are three different parts of Belgium and that they all speak a different language? Yeah, one part speaks French, one speaks German, and one speaks Dutch. Also, ever heard of Belgian chocolate?

My new second army

Whats up guys it’s me ImaPuppy here to tell you about my army.

Ok so iv’e been recycling water bottles..the reason for this is water bottles will take over the world one day and I will be prepared and will defeat everyone else…Oh wait,YOU PEOPLE KNOW MY PLAN!!!! NOOOOOOOO (Jumps out window)


Hi people of the world,

It’s Artemis and I just want to say, getting into middle school (maybe not for you but for me) has been tough. If you plan on getting into a middle school you have to take a test called the ISEE but I failed, well actually I got a bad grade and now I have to take this test called the SSAT (actually I already took it). These tests are tough and they are the tests that the school your trying to get into will see, (RKA is a different story) anyways this test I took was actually 3 hours and 5 minutes long. This has been a tough start in 5th Grade but I’m pretty sure the tough start was for me only. If you think this has ever happened to you please comment. If you’re wondering who I am just also comment.

My Summary: Ten True Tales: War Heroes. (Voices from Iraq.)

My book is Ten True Tales: War Heroes. (Voices from Iraq.) It is a collection of stories from the war in Iraq. I liked this book because it shows how hard the armed forces work each day just to defend our country. It also explained a lot of different positions in the army, so now I want to serve in the U.S. Army, be a gunman, drive around in Humvees, blow up houses, and do all that stuff. It’s hard work, but it’s also fun, so I think I’ll pull through.

My Book Retell

The book I have been reading for the last week is Stick Dog Chases a Pizza By Tom Watson. This book is about 5 dogs who are really hungry and want a pizza. The dogs are at the park and they want to play Frisbee but they don’t have one because one of the dogs swallowed the Frisbee the day before. They all split up and look for a Frisbee and one dog brings a pizza and they eat it but then they want more so they try to find the place the pizza came from. I recommend this book to people who like dogs and like to laugh. THE END


Are any of you guys good at drawing because I can draw stuff like a sword,a pizza,a dog,a stick dog,attack on titan people,badly drawn burgers,comics and other stuff. So yeah……that’s all.

Stick dog

Wow I recently finished reading a book called Stick dog chases a pizza and it is about a dog named stick dog and his friends that find an old pizza box and go on an adventure to get a pizza and after Stick dog’s friends come up with tons of crazy ideas they finally get the pizza so it is a really good book and I rate it…wait for it



Minecraftmatsermind, Bumlebee,imapuppy, I killed a wraith and it dropped a Pirate Map witch spawns the pirate invasion!!!

P.S I have 34 defense and a sword that does 74 damage and a armor I can’t spell!!!th                                     the armor all the way to the right is mine.




Also the sell price for a dye vat is only 5 gold and silver dye costs 1 gold so yeah I will see you guys on tuesday so bye. (ps: Meof,thats right!)


DUDE! THE NAME OF THE UPGRADED PHASEBLADE IS PHASESABER! AND THERE’S HOVERBOARDS! In hardmode, using a mythril or orichalcum anvil, craft the hoverboard out of 18 Shroomite bars and 20 Souls of Flight. The sell price is only 8 gold!

P.S. This is for MinecraftMastermind, Lucky7, and Imapuppy.

The trap maker

Lucky7,bumblebee and minecraftmastermind I have something to tell you so it is about a new roleplay,action board game that I think you guys would want to play with me so just ask your parents if you guys can come to my house to play the game with me if you have the class list that could help,so yeah.Also….STAY AWESOME!!!!

What is your Dad’s job?

Hi guys it’s peace101! And I would like to know what is your Dad’s job? My dad owns a restaurant that is in Jackson Heights, Queens. But he works at the cash register. Thats where we got the money to buy the computer I am typing on right now. Also I work at Jahns sometimes it is fun because I earn money. Please leave a comment on what is your Dad’

This  is my Dad's restaurant

This is my Dad’s restaurant

s job!

Girl Scout Cookies

hi everyone I am selling girl scout cookies. I am taking orders from now until Friday and the cookies get delivered in a month or so.  The cookies cost four dollars per box. there are seven different types of cookies for sale. They are:
1. SAVANNAH SMILES (lemon cookies)
2. TREFOILS (shortbread cookies)
3. DO-SI-DO (peanut butter sandwich cookies)
4. SAMOAS (chocolate, coconut and caramel cookies)
5. RAH-RAH RAISINS (oatmeal raisin cookies)
6. TAGALONGS (peanut butter patties in chocolate)
7. THIN MINTS (minty and chocolaty cookies)

All of the cookies are delicious. If you would like to get some please let me know by Friday what types you want and how many boxes of each type. Also bring four dollars per box.