Okay class in math we will learn what factors,prime (not optimous prime john) and composite numbers. a factor is a number that is going to be divided by another number for example: 9 x 5    9 and 5 are factors and other numbers times and other number. now a prime number (not a optimous prime number john for the last time) is a number greater then 1 with only one factor for example: 7= 7 x 1 ONLY so that makes it a prime number.  Finally a compostite number is a number greater then one and has two or more factors for example: 9= 3 x 3 and 1 x nin… *knock knock oh hi is it time for ryans birthday already okay class go to your desks (yaaaaaaaay) hey john look at this cupcake  that cupcake is definitley not proportional to your mouth jimmy. so don’t try fitting it in your mout.. to myommyommyom late mhhhhh…


Lilly and her tutor

One day Lilly thought that she was behind in her second grade class so she asked her mommy if she could have a tutor. Lilly’s mom called a tutor right away. Lilly’s mom told Lilly the next day that her tutor would come that day and pick her up. Lilly couldn’t wait to get out of school to meet her new toter; plus she couldn’t understand anything her teacher was doing. When school was finshed her toter picked her up just like her mommy had said. When Lilly and her toter get home they stared with math. The tutor said that they were going to stat with skip counting and then move on to multiplication. they stared counting by twos. The tutor told Lilly that two was a prime number. Lilly asked what a prime number is. Her tutor said that “a prime number is a number above the number one that only has two factor, one and itself. then Lilly asked what a factor is. Her teacher said that it was a number that you multiply to get the product. Then Lilly asked what a product was. Her teacher said that a product is the result of a number multiplying numbers. then Lilly’s toter told Lilly the opposite of a prime number is a composite number. Lilly asked what a composite number is. Lilly’s toter said that a composite number is a number that is greater one that has more than two factors. Then her tutor  said that she was done with math and she was going to tell Lilly the word of the week. Lilly asked what the word of the week was. her teacher said that the word of the day is a word that you have to learn on you own. Then her teacher said that the word of the day is proportional. then her teacher left so that Lilly could figure out what the word proportional meant before she come back next week.


Whats up guys it’s me,ImaPuppy and you’re probably wondering why this post is called Oranges.The reason is i’m asking what you guys do with oranges.I just eat them.On tuesday my puppy stole an orange from me because she thought my orange was a tennis ball.

What do you guys do with oranges?

why i was not at school

hey its MsInformation and I am here to tell you guys the reason why I was not at school on Friday. it was my birth day and my mom wanted to celebrate my birthday. So we went to Dave and Buster and we also went to the Cheese Cake Factory. I had a pretty fun day but I kind of missed my friends so I hope to see you all on Monday.