Soap Making

Yesterday I went to Manhattan with my grandma, mom, and cousin, who is 9 years old and in fourth grade like me. We went to a place called Make Meaning. There were different stations where you got to choose what kind of craft you wanted to do. I chose soap making and my cousin chose candle making. These are the steps that I followed for the soap making:


  1. I had to choose a mold for the soap.
  2. I put different things in the mold.
  3. I chose a scent for the soap. (I chose Plumeria)
  4. The workers of Make Meaning mixed sparkles and hot soap with the scent you chose together.
  5. I picked up the soap.



The chiken nugget disaster

Hey guys it’s mysterygirl24 and I’m having a play date with Hera. We were hungry so Hera made chiken nuggets. My mom usually makes them for 10:00 so that’s how long I told Hera to cook them for. She took them out of the microwave and they were hard as rocks. I don’t know if we over cooked them but they were really hard. I was trying to cut the chicken nugget and it would not cut. Hera had to eat it because there was no more. She said they were hard as cookies and I could hear her trying to bight it. My chiken nuggets came out perifictly fine and mine cooked for 3:00. I thought ten minutes. Well that was the chiken nugget disaster. What do you think went wrong and what are you doing for spring breake? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!!:)

The Jewel Sisters- Our Dreams Came True!

Hi! My name is Ruby. My sisters are Pearl, Emerald, and Diamond. Last night I had a dream where Sarah Bowl, a bully at school, made everything disappear with her powers! When I woke up, my sisters told me that they all had the same dream. I was so scared! I totally freaked out! When we all walked to school that morning, my sisters and I went to our classrooms. During the whole day until recess, Sarah Bowl was giving me nasty looks. I didn’t know why. She usually just ignores me. So at recess, Sarah Bowl formed magic in her hands, and shot the magic at everyone and everything, including herself! I had no idea why she would strike herself with her own magic! And then slowly, one by one, everything that Sarah Bowl had struck disappeared. Then, I remembered my dream that I had last night. It was coming true! I was so scared that I felt hot tears stinging in my eyes. “Get it together.” I said to myself. I used my power of finding hidden rubies. I found three rubies sitting next to each other. I heard a faint noise coming from them. I held them next to my ear. I heard them say “Ruby, we’re your sisters. Please do something to help us!” I gasped when I heard that. I was in so much shock that I dropped the rubies. I heard a faint yell. Oops! I grabbed the rubies with me and ran to the science room. I made a potion that I had learned to make in Power School. It was called Anti- Ruby- Potion. So I poured it over the three rubies and suddenly and slowly they turned back into my sisters. My sisters helped me make more batches of the Anti- Ruby- Potion. We poured it over everything except for Sarah Bowl. Sweet revenge! :)






Online friend!

Today I found an online friend on my brothers game called clash of clans. Well there are these things called clan castle. Well a girl joined my clan and she talked to me a lot I thought it was unbelievable that you can have a online friend just by a game. But before that I was trying to talk to Glitter puppy on the game but she didn’t want to so I decided to find someone to talk to and I found my online friend! Hope you like my story! :D P.S- This story is real! It happened this morning when I was in Maine!
Oh Glitter puppy can you talk to me on the chat later at around 2:00!


Today sparky did something crazy. Today we had people over for dinner. When people had some appetizers he was sitting on the couch, since it was like 12:00 I was in bed. So Sparky was sitting on my mom’s lap and he heard a noise. So he lifted up his head and he saw our Reflections in the window. He was barking his head off. He probably thought there were different people in the window.

Hi, ;) :) ;)

Delft Tile

In Mr. Dembowski’s class,we made Delft Tiles. Each one has a picture of a symbol of New Netherland. Mine has an orange and a windmill. These are symbols of New Netherland. The orange is an important symbol because oranges were very rare there. Just one orange was a very big deal to the settlers. The windmill is an important symbol because it pumped water off the land and back into the sea. This is a picture of my Delft Tile:

Horrible dutch girl vs. Demigod! (Greek Girl Diaries #3)

I was walking today and I saw a girl in a old fashion puffy dress I walked over but she snarled and gave me a dirty look. I continued walking then something strange happened the girl was ordering her men to take an Indian baby away from his mother I also saw that one of the girls men was holding a knife. I told her to stop an give the Indian women back her child but this is what the girl did ” How dare you talk back to Willa Keift!”. Then I remembered something from school that there was once a leader named Willem Keift that had a war with the Indians and ordered all indian babies to by demolished. I replied ” NO!!!” ” Ok fine. Guards take her away and you two take the baby!” said Willa. I was about to run away but at that moment I saw tears in the indian woman’s eyes saying RUN! So much angered builded up in me that I said to Willa ” I’m not leaving until that woman is free!!!!!!” Willa’s guards charged at me then heat filled my eyes I blasted the guards away with my golden trident I blasted all of them including Willa. They all went back to their time. I was knocked out but the indian gave me a special medicine I healed but when I woke up the Indian was gone and instead was a familiar boy with cute creamy brown eyes and cute crazy hair. He kissed my check and I fell asleep

To be continued……..  :D

My Delft Tile :D


Its a sea shell :D :D :D :D

I hope you like it! <3


Why I choose a Sea Shell as my tile is to represent the hard travels over seas. It can take Weeks posobly Months to get to New Netherland, to join a setelment or make one.


Today sparky did something crazy! We were cuddling on the sofa and there was a noise. So sparky got up and started barking. Then he started howling like a hound dog, but he’s nothing like a hound dog. We tried to convince him it was a neighbor. So just F.Y.I if you come to my house be prepared for the cutest howling EVER! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI, :) :) :) :)


Hi Mr. Dembowski, it’s me Vampire, I just want to say that I miss you and everyone else. You guy’s might not know me but I congradulate all of you on the state test! :) :) :)  


Today sparky did something crazy! So today I was sitting talking to my dad and I herd a loud yell coming  from my mom saying” sparky”. I ran out of the living room and saw a yellow puddle on my mom’s carpet in her bedroom. bad! said my mom. puppy why did you do that i asked. He stared at me ,but soon after 5 seconds I ran up to him and gave him a kiss. Soon after, me and my dad went to walk him. When we did we saw Galastic Fire’s mom driving her brother to a baseball game.

I hope you like my story!!!!!!!!!!

The Gristmill

In Mr. Dembowski’s class, we are writing scripts based on what we learned about the Colonial Times. My subject is about a book called “The Gristmill.” A gristmill is like a windmill, but it makes flour for baking bread. In the Colonial Times, bread was very important to people because they considered it a “main food.” They believed that the bread kept them alive. You can comment on this post by saying what your playwriting subject is.






Hey guys it’s Mysterygirl24 and This Friday I’m having a sleepover with Hera and her friend Abigal. Were gonna do our nails and Hera got a TON of nail art things on amazon. Were gonna do our hair play a game with mustashes( don’t ask what the game is because we have to make it up but if you have and idea let me know.) Were gonna play hide and seak in the dark with glowsticks. Hera has Saturday school so I’m gonna play with Abigal and Hera’s sister. Last night Hera got a email from toys r us and she gets 60 persent of a purches of anything so we want to go on the sleepover but we don’t know yet. So we havent finished planing what we are going to do but maybe at reases or something. So if anyone has any ideas on what we can do than coment what it is. Thanks.


Mysterygirl24 :)

Washington D.C

Hi friends! Right now I’m in Washington D.C and I’m at the Westin Hotel. I just woke up. The reason I came here was to see my cousin, because she live in a dorm at Gorge Washington university that’s two blocks from the White House! Today I might go to see the Washington Monument and see the cherry blossoms!!! Can’t wait to tell you more tomorrow!


Hey girls and guys Artemis here right now it’s 1:20 AM and I am with my friend Sarah V.! She doesn’t go to our school but she is really cool! If you guys never had a sleepover, please leave a comment saying what you would do on the sleepover



First conversation comment post!!

Hello today I decided to post my conversation comments! If you don’t know what it is i’ll tell you. Well it’s where posters and commenters can comment to each other and have conversations. But remember you need to use appropriate writing and right spelling! Thanks!!!


Galastic fire!!!!!!!!!!

The Jewel Sisters- The Power Contest Gets Out of Control!

Hi! My name is Ruby Jewel. I have the power of finding hidden rubies, and I am 12 years old. My sister Pearl, has the power of forming pearls out of thin air, and she is 8 years old. My other sister Emerald, has the power of making a house of emeralds whenever she wants to, and is 14 years old. Diamond, one of my sisters, has the power of turning anything she wants into purely diamond by just touching that thing, and she is 10 years old. Today is Tuesday. My sisters and I were walking to school together. When we got to the lobby, we split up and came to our classrooms. There is a bully is my class named Sarah Bowl. I haven’t mentioned that SHE HAS POWERS TOO! So she came up to me and said “At recess, we will have a power competition. Whoever wins will be the best girl with powers.” I said “Okay, but my sisters are going to help me.” She said “Fine, but I will still win.” I said “We’ll see about that.” So later at recess, I grabbed my sisters from their classrooms and told them what Sarah Bowl said. They said “Okay, but Pearl is only 8 years old. She could get hurt!” I said “She’ll be fine, and by the way, she can form pearls and shoot them at Sarah Bowl.” So we went downstairs for recess. We caught up with Sarah and said “We’re ready to beat you.” She said “Oh, you better be careful. You know that my powers are stronger than yours.” So then then the competition began. I dug up some rubies and threw them at Sarah. Emerald tried to make an emerald house that was small enough to squeeze Sarah, but Sarah burst out of it using her smashing powers. Next Pearl took my advice and formed a few pearls, then she shot them at Sarah. Using her smashing powers again, Sarah shot back the pearls right onto Pearl. She started crying. My other sisters and I formed around Pearl. Emerald said “We told you that Pearl was too little to be in the power competition! Now she got hurt!” I ran off to the bathroom crying. Emerald had never scolded me in my life! I felt so hurt! Later that day, I went down to the nurse to see how Pearl was doing. She was better. Thank goodness! I learned my lesson. I am not going to get myself into these power  competitions ever again!















Anyone nervous about the state test, because I am! Well anyways here are some tips for you and me:

  1. do not be nervous
  2. do your best
  3. concentrate
  4. remember your strategies
  6. BE NEAT